Earlobe Clip Heart Rate Pulse Sensor HRM-2101


  • Properties: House-Service Detector Tester

  • Model Number: HRM2101

  • Type:Heart Rate Sensor

  • Color:Black or Customized

  • Sensor:Infrared Product

  • Size:60x40x15mm

  • Unit Weight:45.3g

  • Connect Way:USB

  • Material:ABS

  • Services:OEM/ODM Offered

  • Length of the line:1300MM

How to USE

  1. Ready for the earlobe sensor
  2. installed the clip
  3. Connect the USB cable line with PC
  4. While you will see two lights:Red and Green. Red light flash means test.Green light flash means connect with PC successfully.
  5. Open the software,type the account and password.
  6. Setting user date,name,sex,age,height,weight.It is for new user.
  7. Click OK button.
  8. Your heart rate will display on the screen

Earlobe Clip Heart Rate Pulse Senor