Infrared Earlobe Heart Rate Sensor HRM-2105


  • Properties: House-Service Detector Tester

  • Model Number: HRM2105

  • Type: Heart Rate Sensor

  • Color: Black or Customized

  • Sensor: Infrared Product

  • Unit Weight: 47g

  • Connect Way: 3.5MM headphone jack

  • Material: ABS

  • Services: OEM / ODM Offered


  • Ear clip monitor-infrared sensor

  • Get your real-time heart rate after running or working

  • Instant Feedback

  • Working with iphone,Android smartphone

  • Smart phone and website support

  • Connect with phone or PC

  • Including 5.3Khz heart rate receiver and sensor

  • Suitable APP: 60beat , FITbeat, dacadoo

  • Tested with “dacadoo” APP using iPhone

  • Tested with “FITbeat” APP using Android phone

Infrared Earlobe Heart Rate Sensor 


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